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    Meeting Walter Kirn

    The first time I met Walter Kirn was in the late 90s. When I met him again last year, I didn't expect that it would result in an adventure with Harper's Magazine!

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    Social Justice Warrior Handbook by Lisa De Pasquale (Book Review)

    In July, I wrote about how we need to support more artists who lean to the right politically. Culture may be downstream from politics as Andrew Breitbart stated, but politics is also greatly influenced by culture.  The intimate relationship between liberal Hollywood and liberal DC politics has been clear for decades. Using artists as media and cultural influencers has been very successful for recent big-name politicians. Efforts to shake up the establishment politicians with the election of Donald Trump need to be supported and reinforced by new and vibrant creative voices. Additionally, in order to shed the outdated and inaccurate image of conservatives as stodgy curmudgeons, we need to let…

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    Book Review: The Pussy, by Delicious Tacos

    Tl:dr This book, The Pussy, is beautiful, stark and hilarious.  If you like Junky by William S. Burroughs; Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson, Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky,  thrill rides, dark humor and aren’t easily offended, you should buy it and read it. What is it about. The Pussy, by Delicious Tacos is a collection of stream of consciousness diaries, short stories, fantasy, and commentary on dating and society. It’s random at times and doesn’t have a clear plot, but what it lacks in direction, it more than makes up for with engrossing inner conflict, revealing social observations and perfectly timed wit. The book is about a man in his late thirties…

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    What I Hate About My Readers

    The one thing I can’t stand about my readers is that you assume everything I write is autobiographical. Maybe not ALL my readers, but the ones who talk to me assume this. And honestly, the rest of you who don’t talk to me probably assume it too but just don’t say anything, so I take it back. This is what I hate about ALL my readers. I hate it. It drives me up the wall. It makes me crazy. And this is why: First Of All When you come to me and ask me if something is about me, you are never really asking. You think you already know the…