Democrat to Deplorable by Jack Murphy (Book Review)

Jack Murphy’s book Democrat to Deplorable: Why Nine Million Obama Voters Ditched the Democrats and Embraced Donald Trump has done what media pundits, pollsters, psychologists, political experts and fortune tellers failed to do over the past 18 months—it has put into words...Read More

Social Justice Warrior Handbook by Lisa De Pasquale (Book Review)

In July, I wrote about how we need to support more artists who lean to the right politically. Culture may be downstream from politics as Andrew Breitbart stated, but politics is also greatly influenced by culture.  The intimate relationship between...Read More

Three Reasons You Need to Listen to the Audible Version of Free Women, Free Men by Camille Paglia

  I’ve been a fan of Camille Paglia since the summer of 1997 when I sat in the un-air conditioned spare bedroom of my grandmother’s house reading Sexual Personae and wondering at her bold, smart and vibrant tone. The ideas...Read More