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    Shit Testing. It’s What We Do

    There is not a woman in existence who doesn’t shit test. It’s part of our make up. We are rarely aware, in the midst of a shit test, that we are doing it. It’s organic.  I believe this comes from a woman’s deep need for security.  Due to our natural and biological vulnerabilities we seek protection and security.  Shit tests come out of this chronic insecurity. They serve a purpose for us as we use them to “test the waters” to make sure that what existed before still exists.  More secure women will test their reality, the solidity of the walls, the availability of resources, the protection and comfort of her…

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    Just Because He’s Dating, Doesn’t Mean He’s Available

    You simply can't take anything for granted. Finding a balance so you stay hopeful and optimistic without being naive and where you are cautious but not cynical is very difficult. But it's worth working to find that balance. Without it you will be like a pinball pouncing from date to date, highlight to heartbreak without any idea how to stop the madness and find the balance you want.

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    Men Love Sex, Women Love Attention.

    There’s so much bitterness and resentment currently between the sexes.  Why? Because they simply don’t understand each other.  They want the other to be just like them.  The myth of marrying your best friend and equality and treat him/her how you want to be treated has completely confused the f*ck out of everyone. I’m not saying he can’t be your friend. But he’s not going to be like your girlfriend.  If you want a partner to shop with you and talk to you endlessly about what could or might happen “if” scenarios, then you want a partner who is a woman. He doesn’t want that.  Similarly guys, if you want…

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    He Doesn’t Want What You Want

    Men and women have undeniable similarities in what they want out of life, love and relationships, but how they find and express these desires is very different.  It is my belief that men and women seek a deeply intimate and passionate relationship with a partner.  We want to be with someone who both challenges and comforts us, who supports and encourages us, and also someone who knows when to rein us in, sit us down and remind us to take a break. When it comes to relationships, communication is one place were we are on different paths.  Not our verbal communication or even our non-verbal communication– where we miss the mark is how we…

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    Being "Nice" Doesn’t Get You Sex

    Here’s a secret that Nice Guys don’t seem to understand.  If you read this and you are thinking this is the most obvious post on the planet then you might be either a bad boy or a good guy.  But there are guys who will read this and think, “well yes that makes sense but…”  If there is a “but” at the end of your thought, this post is for you. Being “nice” doesn’t get you sex.  Doing the dishes, buying flowers, taking a woman to dinner, complimenting her dress, buying her jewelry and getting married are also things that do not get you sex. Being “lucky” doesn’t get you…

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    It’s Not You, It’s Him

    There are a lot of things to consider when you are dating and seeking a partner.  Most articles eagerly point out the obvious like “do you like him,” “are your lifestyles and values compatible?” One question women often overlook that lands them in miserable, unsatisfying relationships is probably more important than any of the others. Does he like women? I’m not talking about his sexual orientation.  I am talking about heterosexual, sexually active, professional, everyday men who just don’t “like” women. They want to have sex with women. But that’s not the same as “liking” women.  You’ve got to wonder (and verify with behavior) if he actually “likes” women. I…