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    Your Feminine Body

    This is quite possibly the most important essay on femininity I will ever write.  If you do the things I ask you to do in this post, it will begin to change your life, for the better, immediately. You probably won’t want to do these things. Not because they are hard or complicated, but because you will feel foolish. But I can assure you, the truly foolish will let your ego and pride get in the way of performing these exercises and following the direction of what I ask of you in this post.  The wise will participate. It’s your life. Are you an observer? No. Then read every word…

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    It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Little Ugly

    Men, if you're kind of ugly, don't sweat it. If you've got rough skin a goofy nose and a soft little belly and scars and asymmetrical eyes, no woman of character will mind. But if you lack self-respect, if you waver on your principles, if you make excuses or shy away from responsibility, there's no amount of pretty that can save you.