“Kitten Holiday’s saucy take on pop culture, modern dating and politics isas daring as it is charming. Her humor and insights will disarm you. Definitely worth a read and follow!” Christian Josi

"An authors job is not to simply tell a story. It is to make the reader feel the story. No one is better at that than Kitten Holiday." K. Z. Howell, Author of Revelation  

“Kitten Holiday writes with delicious abandon and deft handling of scene and sensory description that you can see in your mind.   There's a wildness to her stories that resonates with me.”  Dennis Lowery

"Kitten Holiday is perceptive, informed, and often hilarious. Hers is a voice that men and women alike can appreciate." Nate Wilson "One of the best voices out there for straightforward, no prisoners honesty about modern culture." K.Z. Howell, Author of Revelation "I love your outside-the-norm, in-your-face-honest style of writing, and your humor, too!" Marisa Donnelly, Editor, Thought Catalog


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