Outskirts of Heaven Series

A Series of Five Novellas

Book One – Richard Caswell’s Funeral

Honor Caswell is coming home to Holly Ridge, NC for his father’s funeral. It’s the first time he’s been back in almost ten years since enlisting in the marines and breaking Suzanne’s heart.

Chapter One: Deer at Breakfast

Chapter Two: Richard Caswell’s Funeral – Part One

Book Two – Honor’s Homecoming

Another ten years have passed and Honor Caswell is coming home again, this time for good. But this time, he’s coming alone.  A fateful confrontation with his wife turned into jail time, divorce and complete loss of custody of the only thing in life that matters to him, his daughter Penny.  Distraught and desperate. Broke and broken, Honor moves into his Granny’s house and becomes a handyman and a drunk. Suzanne wonders if her love can save him.

Chapter One: Anger, Sadness, Fast and Slow 

Book Three – The New Girl

Jenna Morgan is a fish out of water in small town Sneads Ferry. She rented a house on the water for a year to get away from the big city chicago stresses and to write a book. Like most city slickers who escape to the middle of nowhere, she’s got a secret she’s hiding. Small towns aren’t a place where secrets can be kept.  What will happen when word gets out?  And will her new romance with Honor Caswell, local handyman, survive the rumors?

Book Four – Penny Bomb

Sassy, spirited and sneaky Penny has had enough of her mother’s tragic life in Seattle. She’s tired of being the default babysitter to her three younger brothers, tired of school, tired of being told what to do and tired of feeling powerless as she watches everyone around her screw up their lives and the country.  She meets a dynamic girl named Jasmine at a coffee shop near the University of Washington and decides to join her and her group of misfits on a road trip to Berkeley to protest a conservative writer. Riots break out at the protest, Penny and Jasmine are caught by police and lined up for arrest and transport to jail.  In a moment of confusion, they see a way out and escape but are now on the run.  Police will look for them at home. There’s nowhere to go, and no one to turn to unless Penny can find her estranged father.

Chapter One: Penny Thief

Chapter Two: Like a Caged Animal

Chapter Three: The Anger Inside

Book Five – The Wedding

After years of heartbreak and divorce, Honor thinks he has finally met the woman he can love and trust fully.  Just before the wedding, his daughter, Penny, shows up in trouble.  Honor has to face the mistakes of his past, the shame of his failures and his own doubt before facing his future.