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Hi! I’m Kitten!

Thanks for reading. I’m glad you found my writing!

I’m a bit random and write about many subjects so I thought you might need a little help navigating this site to find more of what brought you here, or something different and to help you understand who the heck I am.

I am a writer.

I write essays about pop culture, feminismattraction, dating and the craft of writing.

I also write fiction. For the past several years, I’ve written short fiction, either short stories that I published on Amazon or flash fiction that I published here on this blog or on Medium.

I am writing a book on dating called “Love is Blind, Keep Your Dating Sharp.” The inspiration for this book was the positive feedback I received for the essays I wrote on dating here and elsewhere. I also won an award from the Indie Chicks for Best Dating Blogger of 2015.  Yeah, 2015 is a long time ago now, but I’m still working on the book. However long you think it will take to write a book.  Double it.  Then double it again. That’s what it’s been like for me anyway.

I am also writing a play called “Divorce Party.” I’ve been workshopping it with Gotham Writers in NYC and next I’m going to share it with my local playwriting group.  From there, I hope I’ll have something worth producing in the next year.  If not, I’ll keep revising, or I’ll start over. Or I’ll think of something new.  The one thing I won’t do is quit.

While the majority of my writing in the past five years has been essays, my true love is fiction. Fiction is harder to write than essays. Long-form fiction is harder to write than short fiction. But I am motivated by setting really high goals then going for it. So, I’m writing a novel called Pleasures of the Damned that I’m releasing chapter by chapter on Patreon and Substack.

I also have a newsletter that I send once a week with a brief update on me, links to recent writing and sometimes my thoughts on a subject that is on my mind.  Subscribe here.

You see, I’ve been writing for free for five years and I have wondered if I could ever make a career of it.  The best way to find out if people will pay for your work is to stop giving it away for free and see if they stick around or, miracle of miracles, see if your readership grows.  I’m in the very early phases of this stage and while I’m not even making enough to live off of for even a week, I’m making some money.  I’m not even making enough money to cover my writing expenses (hosting, image purchases, ongoing education, etc.) but it’s still encouraging.

If you read anything you like, or that inspires you to respond, please comment on the post or reach out to me by email. I’d love to hear from you!