Writer, Lover, Misfit


Kitten Holiday’s talent for telling a fast-paced story in a rich setting with complex characters will get you addicted to her unique literary style.  Her flash fiction and humor has been featured on P.S. I love you,  My Erotica and her short stories are available on Amazon. Her much anticipated first novel “Bad Reputation” will be available in 2018.


Fearlessly opinionated, Kitten’s essays are thought-provoking, unconventional but compassionate. Her unique experiences have given her a perspective that helps the reader see old problems with new eyes.  If the purpose of an essay is to explore a topic and make the reader think about old subjects in new ways, Kitten Holiday is a master. She doesn’t pull punches when writing about pop culture, gender dynamics, politics, feminism, sex & sexuality, art, and creativity. Her essays have been featured on Athena TalksIron LadiesThe National ConservativeThe Writing Cooperative and more.


What is a writer’s website without a blog of ideas, thoughts, brainstorming and rambling? Writer’s gonna write. Topical, whimsical and unpredictable, Kitten’s journal serves as a sketch pad for ideas and characters that may develop into longer pieces or survive as stand-alone moments in time. Only time will tell.  Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about new releases, news, events and her 2018 book tour.