Love is Blind, Keep Your Dating Sharp

Love is blind.

It’s also dumb, delusional, obsessive, jealous, confused and insecure–especially in the infatuation phase when you are filled with desire, excitement and hope but don’t have anything to confirm if it’s real and lasting. That comes later.  That’s a different book. This book is about that crazy, falling in love, floating on air, freaking out, half-insane phase that plagues you when you are losing your mind over a guy.  Before you completely lose your mind, you need someone to smack you back to your senses.

You need this book.

This book isn’t here to empower you. You are already empowered. This isn’t a pep talk, your friends can give you a pep talk. This book your splash of cold water to sober you up when you’re love drunk. This book is your new bestie, the chick who says it like it is, doesn’t hold back and will tell you what no one else has the tits to say.  So, grab a drink and take a seat because love is blind and you need to keep your dating sharp!


Coming soon ….