Kitten’s talent for telling a fast paced story in a rich setting with complex characters will get you addicted to her unique literary style.  Her flash fiction and humor has been featured on P.S. I love you,  My Erotica and her short stories and novel will be available on amazon in 2017.

Short Stories

Young woman drinking coffee and reading book sitting indoor in urban cafe. Cafe city lifestyle. Casual portrait of teenager girl. Toned.

Kitten Holiday’s Stories

Flash Fiction

photo biker couple on a motorcycle in the field. Transferred passionate love photography. Beautiful and motorcycle accessories. Photo for motorcycle magazines, posters and websites.

Flash fiction has always been a fun format for me. It is a way for me to hone my skills without having to commit to a huge project. In each piece, the focus may be character, pacing, conflict, creating an emotion or a reaction or describing something with limited words.

Humor and Satire


Humorous pieces in the form of a diary, letter or satirical stories and personal essays.