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    The Power of Erotic Imagination and the Conditioning Effects of Porn

    Many articles will debate the moral issues related to porn. Morality is personal and I don’t want to impose my morality on you any more than I want you to impose yours on me. This article is about how porn interferes with your personal power, infringes on your self-mastery and ultimately has the power to derail your life by conditioning you to want something you don’t really want and dulling your desires through easy satisfaction.  Self-Mastery is True Power “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lau Tzu We know that these things are important and that achieving them is…

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    Why Kanye West and John Legend’s Friendship is the Best Thing in the World Right Now

    Last week Kanye West blew up Twitter with a series of tweets on creativity, individuality, openness, community and free thought. He’s been silent on Twitter for years but with over 30 million followers, a tweetstorm gets noticed.                 There was nothing controversial about his tweets. In fact, we were all loving them — and Kanye! — and seeing ourselves in his tweets about creativity, individuality, optimism and love. Until we weren’t. Right when Kanye had everyone’s full attention, and our guard was down he dropped a tweet bomb. West Tweeted about Candace Owens, a right-leaning, Trump supporting firebrand personality who is critical of…

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    Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life Lecture

    Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has rocketed to fame from being a relatively unknown college professor to online sensation to enemy of the left and then leader of the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” in the span of a single year. Haters have called Peterson a “dangerous rightwing professor,” “custodian of the patriarchy,” and a “pseudo-intellectual” but all attempts to dismiss and discredit him have only helped to promote him. Why? Anyone who digs deeper than the snarky opinion pieces that attack his audience more than his ideas often find his actual work to be anywhere from innocuous to inspiring, but certainly far…

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    Molly Ringwald Revists The Breakfast Club and Totally Forgets What It Was Like To Be A Teen In the Eighties (or Ever)

    Last week, The New Yorker published a personal essay by Molly Ringwald reflecting on the movies of John Hughes through the lens of the current #MeToo movement. #MeToo is a national trend of women and some men who are speaking up about sexual harassment that they have suffered or endured from powerful men who have either had power over their career or just power over their current situation. Unable to speak up at the time of the event, their voices have built upon the momentum of others and there is a tidal wave of stories that are both confession and accusation. John Hughes is famous for directing several films in…

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    Her Kink

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    Nicknames, You Called Me What?

    Nicknames belie a certain intimacy. They are gifted by someone who knows us or knew us in a way others didn’t. Then this bit of history carries on, sometimes long after the giver is gone. The name spreads to others without the history or the intimacy, giving strangers, acquaintances, new friends the impression they know you better than they do. Or that they know something about you that you didn’t share yourself. Do we choose our nicknames or do our nicknames choose us? Do our nicknames become us, or do we become our nicknames? At the same time, they can create distance and confusion as people struggle with what to…

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    A Case for The Arts

    I read a lot about the benefits of a STEM education. There is a lot of negativity about studying the arts. In a world where making money, having power and gaining status are valued above all else, the arts, appreciation of the arts and creative expression are getting a bad reputation. It’s true, the arts are not great ways to make a living. Your chances of making a stable, plentiful income as a sculptor or even a filmmaker is very low. Those who do make money are in the minority. Even so, there are still very good reasons to learn a craft and find an artistic expression. There are still…

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    Five Reasons to Make Him Wait For Sex

    You’re a grown woman and you can do what you want. I know. I get it! You will never hear me telling you there’s anything wrong with being sexual, and having sex when you want and who you want. These are absolutely personal decisions that you have every right to make on your own and I am not here to judge. I am, however going to give you a few reasons why making him wait, is even better than giving it up. 1. You Can’t Screw Your Way Into A Relationship It has happened, I’m sure, to someone somewhere, but I will still dare to say that you can’t screw…

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    The Secrets of a Man’s Heart

    Women love sex. Not only do women love sex, but, in fact, women are far more sexual than men.  When it comes down to it, men enjoy the release of orgasm and love sex, and they are biologically wired to seek out sex, but when aroused, women have a much deeper, and more complex sexuality, and a far greater need for sexual exploration.  A man’s horniness is chronic, but a woman’s horniness is acute and when aroused, women are more likely to “lose contro,” and “lose themselves” in the sex act than men.  Both men and women experience lust and desire, but for men these desires are on a lower, but more…