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    How I Maximized My Creative Potential with a Ketogenic Diet

    If you pay any attention to health and diet circles you have likely heard of the Ketogenic diet by now.  Keto is a high fat, high protein, low carb diet designed to switch you metabolism to work in a state of ketosis burning fats instead of sugars for fuel. My metabolism has slowed down in recent years and with it, my energy levels have decreased. I am a very busy person and just don’t have time for low energy, so I’d been looking for ways to address this when I heard about the Ketogenic diet. I had been hearing about it for over a year but it wasn’t until a…

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    It’s Not My Problem (Or Yours)

    Your time and energy are two of the most important things you have. Especially if you are a busy person reaching for your goals. There are many things that can drain you: a bad job, bad relationship, illness, etc. These things you have to deal with on some level. Even good things in your life can take time from other priorities. It is worth it, but you have to be mindful of how you are investing your time and energy. But there are many ways people expend energy that are a complete waste of time. Social media is an easy example, but it’s not just scrolling through timelines, many interactions…

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    Honest Assholes

    Honest people always look like assholes because life isn’t fair, no one is that special, we all screw up and if you’re honest you have to admit it and face up to your flaws, screw ups, mistakes and all the numerous ways you let yourself down and disappoint others. Being accountable for your shit gives you grit, it makes you rough and edgy. Things start to affect you less because once you can take an honest look at yourself and the world, a brutally honest look, where you hold yourself accountable for all your choices big and small, what’s worse than that? That sucks. We are all screwed up. Lies…

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    Be Careful Who You Let Yourself Love

    Be careful who you let yourself love. The modern dating scene is filled with takers who will play with your heart, waste your time and string you along, get all their needs met while giving nothing but the hope of something more, maybe, someday, just be patient… Hookup culture, modern feminist ideas of the sexually liberated woman do nothing to empower women and everything to rob her of her advantage in negotiating a romantic connection. Women hold the key to sex. Men hold the key to commitment. But women have been brainwashed into believing they can throw away their key and live a fabulous, “independent” adventure. Instead, expect to be…

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    It’s Spring and I’m an Electrical Storm

    I am going to show my broken places while sharing how we can carve a new path of self-reliance without shutting opportunities for love and connection. We need to learn to identify who truly deserves our attachment, trust, commitment and loyalty and then give ourselves freely. Not the other way around. We've been giving ourselves freely to those who don't deserve us and then wondering why we are not appreciated, not valued, not loved and protected.

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    Women Are Needy and Terrible Listeners

    It’s true.  Women are terrible listeners. I don’t know how we got the reputation for being good listeners because we aren’t. Not even a little.  I guess we are good at all the peripheral signals of listening: eye contact, nodding, sympathetic sighs, touching a hand, asking probing questions. But when it comes down to actually hearing information as it is and then acting on it in an appropriate way, we suck. For example, often when we are dating a guy he will say things like, “You shouldn’t date me, I’m an asshole,” or “I’m not ready for a relationship,” or “I’m not looking for anything serious.” And instead of going,…

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    Why You Should Never Go Dutch on a Date

    Ladies, We’ve gotten to know each other over the past year of this blog and so it will come as no surprise to you that I have a strong opinion and I’m not going to be very delicate sharing it.  You are not supposed to pay for yourself on a date! Don’t do it!  I don’t care about feminism or equality or not wanting to feel obligated for sex or whatever nonsense you’re going to try to throw my way.  This isn’t the workplace, you are wonderful stop having to prove it, and finally you are never obligated to have sex even if he takes you to Paris for tea.…