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    How Pat Conroy Uses Dialogue to Reveal Character in Prince of Tides

    Before I started writing stories and essays, I wrote plays. This was more of a happy accident than anything planned. I loved theatre and loved being in plays, but my performances were hit or miss. Some days, I was full of energy and confidence and would belt out songs in musicals as if I were destined to be Annie on Broadway. I played Charlie Brown in a musical at summer camp and had a lead in the musical “Bells Are Ringing” in middle school. After school, I went to the Pittsburgh Playhouse and studied drama and theatre hoping to ride my success as Chuck into a high school theatre career,…

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    Stress is a Choice

    I went to college on the other side of the country from where I lived. It was a nine hour trip, with two layovers, not including travel to and from the airport. I went alone, sight unseen other than the catalog. I had an independent spirit then, just as I do now. I don’t remember the trip being hard, I remember it being exciting. But I do remember being worried that the cab driver who brought me from the airport to campus would take me to the wrong college and I wouldn’t realize because I’d never visited. Everything turned out fine. I got dropped off at the correct college, found…

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    How I Maximized My Creative Potential with a Ketogenic Diet

    If you pay any attention to health and diet circles you have likely heard of the Ketogenic diet by now.  Keto is a high fat, high protein, low carb diet designed to switch you metabolism to work in a state of ketosis burning fats instead of sugars for fuel. My metabolism has slowed down in recent years and with it, my energy levels have decreased. I am a very busy person and just don’t have time for low energy, so I’d been looking for ways to address this when I heard about the Ketogenic diet. I had been hearing about it for over a year but it wasn’t until a…

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    Love is Blind, Keep your Dating Sharp -Book!

    Love is blind. It’s also dumb, delusional, obsessive, jealous, confused and insecure–especially in the infatuation phase when you are filled with desire, excitement and hope but don’t have anything to confirm if it’s real and lasting. That comes later.  That’s a different book. This book is about that crazy, falling in love, floating on air, freaking out, half-insane phase that plagues you when you are losing your mind over a guy.  Before you completely lose your mind, you need someone to smack you back to your senses. You need this book. This book isn’t here to empower you. You are already empowered. This isn’t a pep talk, your friends can…

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    If you’ve noticed that I have not been publishing as many essays or flash fiction pieces lately, do not worry! It isn’t because I’ve stopped writing. In fact, I’m writing more than ever but I’ve taken on some really big projects! I am writing a play called “Divorce Party,” a novel called “Pleasures of the Damned,” which I am publishing as a serialized novel for my Patreon Supporters, one chapter a month. I am in the final stages of editing a non-fiction book on dating called, “Love is Blind, Keep Your Dating Sharp.” It will be out early 2019.

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    Off Grid August

    When I was in my twenties, I went on a four-month trip through Europe on a EuroRail ticket. This was before cell phones. I bought by the minute phone cards in each country I visited so that I could call home once or twice a week. Except for the moments when I was on the phone, no one knew where I was. I could be in Paris one day and Rome the next. If I went missing, no one would know what country to start searching to find me. This was both scary and thrilling, but mostly thrilling. Now that I am older, being completely unavailable is not thrilling. In fact,…

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    Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life Lecture

    Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has rocketed to fame from being a relatively unknown college professor to online sensation to enemy of the left and then leader of the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” in the span of a single year. Haters have called Peterson a “dangerous rightwing professor,” “custodian of the patriarchy,” and a “pseudo-intellectual” but all attempts to dismiss and discredit him have only helped to promote him. Why? Anyone who digs deeper than the snarky opinion pieces that attack his audience more than his ideas often find his actual work to be anywhere from innocuous to inspiring, but certainly far…