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    The Power of Erotic Imagination and the Conditioning Effects of Porn

    Many articles will debate the moral issues related to porn. Morality is personal and I don’t want to impose my morality on you any more than I want you to impose yours on me. This article is about how porn interferes with your personal power, infringes on your self-mastery and ultimately has the power to derail your life by conditioning you to want something you don’t really want and dulling your desires through easy satisfaction.  Self-Mastery is True Power “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lau Tzu We know that these things are important and that achieving them is…

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    You Don’t Have To Like Everyone

    We all want to be good people. We want to treat others well and be treated well. We want to be optimistic, tolerant, generous, honorable, agreeable and kind and many other virtues that we would use to describe someone we would admire very much. We want this because it is right, but also because the pain of being rejected because we don’t have these traits is real. We want people to like us. To be liked, we try to follow the golden rule and treat others how we would want to be treated — with patience, tolerance and love. This is how we open ourselves up to abuse. This is how we…

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    Desire is Life

    Desire gives our lives meaning and purpose. Wanting something, or someone, gives our life the spark and push we need to work through the hard parts, wake up in the morning, get excited. Desire is the ignition for everything we care about. We may think having all our needs and desires met at the snap of our fingers would make us happy and fulfilled but the truth is it would make you bored and miserable. We would have to find something new to strive for. We would desire a new desire. Too often we think that achieving our goal is what gives us satisfaction. In fact we take the most…

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    Science Continues to Study and Misinterpret Women’s Desires

    This article claims that science backs up a woman’s desire for bad boys then implores men to be “nice” anyway. “In the end, the idea that women want to date bad boys really just reinforces the misogynist’s idea of deceitful women and earnest “nice” men baffled by their lack of dating success. It allows some men to blame and hate women as a means of deflecting attention away from their own shortcomings. So, if you’re looking to science for some advice, it’s simple: be nice.” The problem with articles like this is that the oblivious researchers and readers align “badness” with smoking, criminal behavior, deception, cheating and violence. Then they…

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    What is "Game"?

    We’ve all heard dating called a game. It’s a game of cat and mouse. There are players, winners and losers. There are also “rules of the game,” and ways to cheat the game. But there is also another way that the word “game” is used in dating to describe the traits that make a man desirable that may be harder to identify or communicate. “He’s got game” is a common description of a man who does well with women. He attracts them, seduces them, enjoys them. He is the kind of man who has his pick of woman and doesn’t need to conform to their rules and requirements to keep…

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    Just Because He’s Dating, Doesn’t Mean He’s Available

    You simply can't take anything for granted. Finding a balance so you stay hopeful and optimistic without being naive and where you are cautious but not cynical is very difficult. But it's worth working to find that balance. Without it you will be like a pinball pouncing from date to date, highlight to heartbreak without any idea how to stop the madness and find the balance you want.

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    Five Reasons to Make Him Wait For Sex

    You’re a grown woman and you can do what you want. I know. I get it! You will never hear me telling you there’s anything wrong with being sexual, and having sex when you want and who you want. These are absolutely personal decisions that you have every right to make on your own and I am not here to judge. I am, however going to give you a few reasons why making him wait, is even better than giving it up. 1. You Can’t Screw Your Way Into A Relationship It has happened, I’m sure, to someone somewhere, but I will still dare to say that you can’t screw…

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    Ladies, Embrace Your Sexuality Damn it!

    Ladies, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently of men knowing women’s bodies better than women do. Women are not taking charge of their own sexuality. For all the talk about empowerment and abandoning shame, it seems that female sexual desire is still misunderstood at best and at worst denied and repressed. Our mothers shepherded society through the sexual revolution giving us more control of our bodies and our sex lives.  I love that we are able to talk about sex more openly and I love that so many of you are enjoying it and feeling as if you have a right to do it whenever and with whoever you want.  You…

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    Men Love Sex, Women Love Attention.

    There’s so much bitterness and resentment currently between the sexes.  Why? Because they simply don’t understand each other.  They want the other to be just like them.  The myth of marrying your best friend and equality and treat him/her how you want to be treated has completely confused the f*ck out of everyone. I’m not saying he can’t be your friend. But he’s not going to be like your girlfriend.  If you want a partner to shop with you and talk to you endlessly about what could or might happen “if” scenarios, then you want a partner who is a woman. He doesn’t want that.  Similarly guys, if you want…