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Kitten Holiday’s funny, blunt, and laser-sharp focus on delivering the truth earned her a loyal following of women and men alike who voted her Badass Blogger of the Year for Dating Advice in 2015 for the Indie Chicks.

Her sassy, snarky and blunt style continues to engage readers. As a columnist on Thought Catalog, Kitten addresses hot topics like online profiles, first dates, bad boys, the allure of the femme fatale, sexting, and breakups.

She wants singles to pay attention to the reality of their interactions instead of getting caught up in over-thinking, romanticizing, trying to read minds, or getting trapped reenacting past failed relationships.

“Once we slip into some feelings, we are all fools for love. Dating is our best tool for exploring chemistry and compatibility and weeding out those who aren’t worth the trouble.  If love is blind, keep your dating sharp.”

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Thought Catalog’s content, which includes listicles, essays, and think pieces, has been noted for its “millennial” voice. Many well-known authors have contributed to the site including Simon Critchley, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Tao Lin, Robert Greene, James Altucher, Mélanie Berliet, Tim Ferriss, and Kitten Holiday in addition to previously unpublished essayists. (Read here…)

5 Reasons You Should Make Him Wait for Sex

Five reasons why making him wait, is even better than giving it up.

Never (Ever) Go Dutch On A Date

Don’t rob him of his chance to be different and to act different and to show you that he’s awesome and he values you. Don’t dull his motherfucking sparkle.

Here’s Why Men Love Crazy Bitches

Men claim all day long they don’t like to date “psycho bitches” or “crazy women” and that they “don’t want drama.” It’s on almost all their dating profiles: “no drama.” This is a big fat lie. This is as big a lie as the women who “want a sensitive, nice guy.”

How to Write an Online Dating Profile that Doesn’t Suck

It can be intimidating, even online, for a guy to contact you. And so often the conversation falls flat right out the gate because he’s limited to saying a boring hello, a cheesy opener, an autobiographical letter, or some kind of random question.