Hi! I’m Kitten!

My writing is the best thing about me.

The rest of me is boring so I’m glad you found my website! I’ve been sharing my writing online since 2013 and it has been a wild ride! I have written short stories, essays, and blogs. I’ve written some really great stuff and was awarded Best Dating Advice writer in 2015, and then I’ve also written a lot of average stuff, but every year my writing has improved.

I host a podcast called Write Naked Die Famous where I stumble over my words and ramble on and have technical problems, but that too will improve with time!

I like to jump into things before I’m ready and get ready as I go.

I hope you will subscribe to support me! Self-publishing is not a free hobby. In fact, blogging is not a free hobby anymore either, as you have to pay for your domain name, hosting, stock images, and other boring computer tools–not to mention the computer itself!  Jumping into podcasting has added more costs with editing software, microphone, pop filter (you’re welcome).  I’m also thinking of doing vlogs on youtube which will require a video camera, lighting, makeup, hairdressers, personal trainer and plastic surgery.  Kidding! I won’t use lighting. I crack myself up.  Maybe I’ll crack you up too.

Thanks for reading.