Hi! Glad you’re here!

The most interesting things about me are shared in my writing on this blog. Some is fiction, some is non-fiction but all of it is written from the heart and my attempt to seek, understand or reveal truth.  I mean what I write when I write it although sometimes my opinions change because I change as I grow, if I’m still being honest.

So, here are ten random things about me.

  1. I like to jump into things before I’m ready and figure out the details later.
  2. I take on too much
  3. I am a light sleeper
  4. I have two kids teenagers.
  5. I am allergic to cats
  6. I studied birds as a kid because I thought if I learned everything about them I’d figure out how to fly.
  7. I treated love and relationships the same way as an adult.
  8. I love getting into nature but I’m afraid of sunburns and ticks.
  9. All my self-help essays on this website are for me but if they apply to you too, feel free to apply them.
  10. I don’t miss my youth. I’m pretty happy to be getting older, I hope I get even older, lots older.

Thanks for reading. If you read something you like, please share it with a friend.