Thank you and Goodbye

Dear Readers,

I got a notification from wordpress yesterday that it has been five years since I registered Kitten Holiday dot com as a blog. Five years is a long time! So much has happened in that time it’s hard to believe it wasn’t longer. As many of you know I’ve had a tumultuous last couple years and have gone back and forth debating if I should close down Kitten Holiday and start afresh, or keep building on the readership, connections and body of writing that I’ve worked so hard to build.

I’ve made a decision and that is to say goodbye to Kitten Holiday.  Much of the writing on this blog was me working on myself, figuring out my own boundaries and needs and weakness and how to deal with them.  Writing about these things was massively helpful to me, so was receiving your feedback, reading the way you challenged my conclusions or agreed with them.  I’ve grown a great deal in the last five years as a writer and as a woman.  It has been a tough journey full of tests and storms at times and full of fun and laughter at others, but my journey with Kitten and with this website has reached its end.  I know some of us have developed friendships and I will always treasure those and be grateful for the part you played in my healing journey and in my writing journey.

As of today my twitter accounts and facebook have been deactivated and will be completely deleted when the grace period is up. I have put all my posts here behind the paywall and made private except for this post which will be active for a couple days until I can work with tech support to delete this website completely.

My email address will be active for a while (kitten @ Kitten Holiday dot com) because I have some recurring subscriptions and bills attached to it that I need to address.  If you would like to reach out to me there, I will get your email but I can’t promise I will be checking soon or regularly.

I am not going to stop writing completely. I am still writing Outskirts of Heaven and am hoping to publish it someday.  I hope you will look for it. I hope it will be published in places you can find it.

I do feel sadness and grief over leaving this part of my life behind but I also feel a great weight off of me.  So much of this website and my writing on it was connected to a part of me that I have outgrown.  It has been like having my journal from years ago shared.  It’s not me, but it was me, but it made me, but we are strangers.  I hope that makes sense.  I am familiar with Kitten but I do not know her anymore. I have outgrown her and need to let her and that part of my life go.

Does this happen with all books that writers publish? I hope not.  It is much easier to delete a website than to unpublish a book but hopefully by the time I finish or publish Outskirts, I will be ready for that.

There’s not much more for me to say.  If you follow me on twitter or have mutual friends on facebook, please share this post in case there are others who would be left wondering.  I’ve considered re-activating my twitter to post this message but I’m not in a place at the moment where I’m ready to receive the noise of notifications and comments.

So, thank you again for your support. It’s been a wild journey. I wish the very best for you for the holidays and for the coming year and I hope we see each other again when you read the outpouring of my heart and creativity in Outskirts of Heaven.



(Edit) One last thing! If you were ever a patron of mine or a paying subscriber and have given me your mailing address, I will send you a copy of Outskirts when it is complete! If you haven’t sent me your address, please send it to Kitten At Kitten Holiday dot com.  I don’t know when it will be finished, but when it is, I promise to send you a copy.

“I will refine them as silver is refined and test them as gold is tested.” Zechariah 13:9
“Indeed, God is my salvation; I will trust him and not be afraid for the Lord, the Lord himself is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation.” Isiah 12:2



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