Episode 01: Beginnings

How do you write a compelling beginning that gets the reader’s attention and keeps them reading? What is the difference between brainstorming and creating? What is the difference between being artistic and being an artist? And why is it so hard to get started?


Resources and Reading Tools

If you don’t have time to listen but still want to learn the lessons, I’ve written companion pieces as a resource for you to reference after you’ve listened or instead of listening to the podcast.

Are You Brainstorming or Beginning? Where Does Writing Start?

The three stages of an artists work and why the first stage is the least important.

Four Ways to Grab Your Reader’s Attention in the First Sentence

Learn how to catch the attention of your reader in a way that matches your book’s overall style. Read examples from bestselling authors.

Mastering “The Hook” in Your Writing

What good is it to attract a reader if you can’t keep them reading? Learn how to master the hook.

Write Like A Boss: How to Establish Narrative Authority and Gain the Reader’s Trust

No one wants to read a book that goes nowhere and does nothing. Your story needs a payoff and your narrator needs to bring it.


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