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A Touch of Chaos – Writing from The Edge

I want to connect with you personally. Social media has made us antisocial. We connect through screens and snippets but not personally. I’m moving away from this as much as possible in a search for real connection and true engagement. Sending an email to you that you can reply to privately is the first step, sending snail mail to Patrons who support me on Patreon is the next step.

I write fiction, plays, essays and now personal letters to share my ideas and imaginings. I try every day to maintain the balance between order and chaos to maximize my creative energy to share with you.

We all seek and desperately need order in our lives.  Without it we are lost, directionless and often panicked. We have a deep desire and need to make sense of the world, to understand ourselves and each other.

What we often forget is that we also have a deep need for the opposite as well. We need just a touch of chaos to give us a reason to keep the order.  Order is hard work, it is pressure, it is rote. Chaos is the creative release of order and tension that gives us relief but also pushes us out of routine and stagnancy.

In order for people to live a full life, they have to have a foot in order and that order has to be commensurate with what it is they are attempting. … They also have to have a foot in chaos because part of proper being is not merely security,which is what order provides,but also the continual generative excitement that being on the edge allows. And the edge, which everyone knows about, is the edge between order and chaos. You can tell you’re there because that’s when life if worth living.” Jordan Peterson

We need both order and chaos. In measure, we need more order than chaos, but we can not live fully, vibrantly, creatively without a touch of chaos. If we do not find chaos, it will find us. If we don’t learn to ride the wave of the inevitable intrusions of chaos, chaos will ride us and use us up.

  • Chaos is where creativity arises and is born into creation.  Order is discipline, structure and form.
  • Chaos is the feminine, the mysterious, the wild. Order is the masculine, the familiar, the predictable.
  • Chaos is out of control. Order is unspoken control.
  • Chaos is the fire of inspiration, imagination, dream state, the unknown, the strange, the drunk and insane. Order is the familiar, the known, the predictable, the patterns and proven.

“Chaos is the birthplace of things.” Jordan Peterson

Chaos is creative if you have order to balance it.  It is destructive when it takes over. I write from the edge of order and chaos because I live on the edge of order and chaos.  Too much order puts out the creative fire. Too much chaos becomes incoherent noise. To produce creative work, you must learn to abandon yourself to chaos, submit to it instead of fighting it so that the energy and inspiration can fill you. I’ve gone too deep into order and too deep into chaos and learned how to rein it back in. I have artistic energy with real responsibilities, just like you.

In my emails, I explore the creative mix of order and chaos to help you find the right balance to maximize your creative potential and live a creative life.

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  • kzhowell

    This makes perfect sense. Creativity doesn’t come from complacency, neither does it come from a place of insecurity and turmoil. Creativity is the application of chaos to complacency to make a new place altogether.

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