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Social Justice Warrior Handbook by Lisa De Pasquale (Book Review)

In July, I wrote about how we need to support more artists who lean to the right politically. Culture may be downstream from politics as Andrew Breitbart stated, but politics is also greatly influenced by culture.  The intimate relationship between liberal Hollywood and liberal DC politics has been clear for decades. Using artists as media and cultural influencers has been very successful for recent big-name politicians.

Efforts to shake up the establishment politicians with the election of Donald Trump need to be supported and reinforced by new and vibrant creative voices. Additionally, in order to shed the outdated and inaccurate image of conservatives as stodgy curmudgeons, we need to let our artists shine.  The meme war election was not won without a heavy dose of creativity and humor but offline the humor and playfulness on the right has not translated well.


Lisa De Pasquale has written a book that is breathtakingly funny. The Social Justice Warrior Handbook is a painfully accurate yet absurdly hilarious look at the absurdity of the SJW culture that translates into a kind of deadpan humor that is refreshing and necessary.  To observe the antics of Social Justice Warriors with any kind of seriousness will make your head spin, but presented without the heavy contrast of reason and accountability, learning the ways and means of this culture with painstaking clarity and precision will leave you laughing at the absurdity!

From “How to Ruin a Holiday” to “How To Manage Your Social Justice Work-Life Balance” you will have everything you need to convert to a helplessly screaming SJW or to laugh off the stress from trying to make sense of the left’s constant blaming.

Writing Style

De Pasquale’s writing style is clean and simple which is perfect for this subject matter.  Her tone and voice are consistent throughout which makes the book an incredibly easy and fun read.  Her comedic timing is perfect. None of the humor feels strained and most of it sneaks up on you to give you a punchy laugh at her turn of phrase or the way she twisted the idea on its head exposing the hilarious insanity of Social Justice Workers.

In “How to Live In Your Parents’ Home With Dignity And Condescention” she teaches future SJWs like yourself that there is no shame in living at home after college. In fact, it’s more of a service to your parents because “your parents should be happy to have you home so you can educate them about social justice and low-key racism. Now that you’re educated and cultured, perhaps more than they are, they should be open to your views.”

The punchlines in her sample conversations in “What To Do When Someone Assumes Your Gender” are another favorite.


The book is also sprinkled with quotes from well-known celebrities with something to say about Social Justice Warriors, Safe Spaces, Gender Fluidity, Free Speech, and politics are at turns hilarious or thought-provoking.  For example, “The ultimate safe space is a coffin.” Greg Gutfield.

This book really was a pleasure to read. I can’t express the subtle humor and hilarious observations without giving you spoilers so I just urge you to buy it.  Take it on a plane and finish it in a couple hours.  Buy it for your friends and family for Christmas.  Give it to your left-leaning friends with a wink.  It is impossible to read this book without laughing at the absurdity of the left. Unlike the harsh diatribes and essays of most political writers and figureheads, this book is not threatening or accusing.  It’s just plain funny.

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