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It’s Not My Problem (Or Yours)

Your time and energy are two of the most important things you have. Especially if you are a busy person reaching for your goals. There are many things that can drain you: a bad job, bad relationship, illness, etc. These things you have to deal with on some level.

Even good things in your life can take time from other priorities. It is worth it, but you have to be mindful of how you are investing your time and energy.

But there are many ways people expend energy that are a complete waste of time. Social media is an easy example, but it’s not just scrolling through timelines, many interactions on social media are a total waste of time.
If you are not benefiting from an interaction (learning, improving, laughing, etc) why are you engaging?
People will ask you questions, they will challenge you, they will bait you.

For some it is a hobby, a way to blow off steam. But they are taking YOUR energy to feed theirs. Ignore, block, whatever. You have no obligation to answer people’s questions. Even if you have the answer. If you don’t have time, or if they aren’t engaging in a productive way, why bother? Someone else will answer their question. Or maybe they fill figure it out on their own. What’s it to you? Nothing.

If someone’s tone is aggressive, or their question is overly personal and intrusive or they are simply trying to bait you or trap you in a corner, why would you talk to them? Can you imagine this person in real life? You’d be doing everything you can think of to avoid them. Yet online, we respond, we engage. We WASTE OUR TIME.

Just because you have an answer, just because someone has asked YOU for your time, doesn’t mean you are obligated in any way to respond. If you do respond, you are being generous. Make sure they deserve your generous time and spirit before you give it. Most don’t. And you don’t have to feel bad about that.

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