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What is "Game"?

We’ve all heard dating called a game. It’s a game of cat and mouse. There are players, winners and losers. There are also “rules of the game,” and ways to cheat the game. But there is also another way that the word “game” is used in dating to describe the traits that make a man desirable that may be harder to identify or communicate.

“He’s got game” is a common description of a man who does well with women. He attracts them, seduces them, enjoys them. He is the kind of man who has his pick of woman and doesn’t need to conform to their rules and requirements to keep them around. He can be a player, a playboy, a bad boy or a cad but he can also be loyal, monogamous, successful and genuine. Whether he uses his “game” to acquire notches or to secure the best partner he can find is up to him. Game, in itself is not bad, but it can be used for bad. It can also be used for good. It is very attractive to women and so our challenge is in determining if a mans “game” is something we want to get caught up in.

To attract the most beautiful women, a man will want a combination of game and status. Society’s rules for gaining status are clear. Get a good degree, a good job, make good money, know the right people. Game for men, as in “he’s got game” is the compliment to status for an eligible bachelor. It is the way he carries himself, the way he makes other people feel about themselves around him. It is his sex appeal, his confidence, his charisma. Game, for men, is equivalent to charm and beauty for women. To attract the most appealing man, a woman will want to be charming and beautiful.

A man with status is the man you can take home to your parents and introduce to your friends. A man with game is the one who is going to get you horny and excited, who you can’t stop thinking about and wanting. A man with game is the one who will flirt with you, make you feel at ease, get you excited. He will be a good conversationalist, have good timing with his jokes which will make you feel like there is something special between you, chemistry and magic. A man with game is going to attract you sexually and emotionally.

When a woman says, “he’s not that attractive, but he’s so sexy,” she is talking about a man who has game which manifests as sex appeal even if he is not classically handsome. For men, beauty and an hourglass figure will arouse his interest as he is stimulated visually. But for women, our sexuality is so much in our mind that a man does not have to be classically handsome to turn us on. Of course, on a biological level we are all interested in a partner with health and fitness, but I’m not talking in extremes. If you look at Hollywood, the most attractive male stars have a variety of features, but the women all look about the same with petite nose, large eyes and high cheekbones. A thug like Tony Soprano will have women lusting for him but a woman like Roseanne Barr will not. Tony Soprano has game.

We women are told to look for the man with status but we are drawn to the man with game. We want to find one with both, but they are rare and like the “unicorn,” likely mythical.

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