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Ladies, Don't Swipe Left


If you’re on Tinder, you are familiar with swiping left to reject someone from your matches, and right to show interest. It’s easy to make a quick decision based  on appearance but there’s one thing that might be getting in the way of you finding a great guy: his picture face.

Many guys just don’t like pictures or think about the camera when it’s on them.  They struggle to find pictures of themselves because they just don’t have that many.  Well, to be honest, outside of giving you a sense of their features, you can’t tell anything about a man from his pictures.

Don’t swipe left on the guys who don’t smile in their pictures. It’s their “picture face.” You can’t conclude that he is friendly or mean, romantic or distant from the size of his smile or lack of one.

How many men do you know who smile all day long, tickle your ribs, swat your ass, kiss and nuzzle your neck, hold you tight and treat you like gold then the camera comes out and they freeze up with a straight face? I know A LOT like that! And I know a lot who simply don’t have many pictures of themselves at all because they are so busy living life they forget or don’t care to capture it in a photo.

Meet those guys in person. They might look mean or grumpy in pictures but chances are they are gooey soft inside. The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether he smiles or not when all eyes (or cameras) are on him;  it matters if he smiles when YOUR eyes are on him. Some of those shy guys will be wide open, playful, devoted, amazing boyfriends if you give them a chance.



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