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Trauma and Emotional Toxins

Traumatic or intense events are toxic. They get into every part of our physical body, our emotional sphere and our head space. And like any other toxin or poison, it takes time to expel them. Some of it comes out as tears, some as sweat, sometimes you lose your hair.

You can’t expect that at the end of the event, the ramifications will end. You have been poisoned and it will work its way through every part of you on its way out. If you stay close to the trauma, more poison will seep in and it will take longer to expel it.

Just as with any toxin, some of it will exit you, like waste, on its own because your body was made for resilience and survival. You are built to clean and heal yourself.

But there are always toxins that linger, that cling to your bones, that circle in your head, that rattle your nerves. Those need to be pushed out. To get out the bad, you gorge on the good. This is not selfish, this is medicinal.

Read positive quotes and books. Avoid conflict and confrontation. Listen to soothing music. Go outside to feel the air on your skin. Exercise. Take your vitamins. Drink clean water. Hug your friends.

If you expel your emotional waste by talking, then talk. If you expel your physical waste by sweating, then sweat. If you burn your waste out in sleep, then sleep. Don’t expect it to happen fast, or slow. Just expect it to happen.

Then take more vitamins and eat clean food. Stress depletes our vitamin and mineral stores. Stress literally starves our bodies from the nutrients we need because it eats it up before it can get to the basic functions. So gorge on clean foods and vegetables and drink water to lubricate the way out.

If you aren’t actively expelling the rest, as a part of your self care, you are holding on to it. Holding on to your pain isn’t a sign of strength, it’s a sign of stubbornness and a sign of fear. Because when we let the pain go, we see it again, we face it again. It comes out of hiding and we have to look at it and take it by the hand to show it the door. WE NEED TO SHOW IT THE DOOR. It won’t go on its own.

Find the courage to let go. Love your body. Trust your resilience. Don’t get in the way of your natural impulsion for self healing. Accept that pain has a path. Don’t get in the way. Do everything you can to show your pain the door.

Then let go because better things are waiting for you if you create the space to welcome them.


  • Tara

    I just love this piece. I could feel every word you’ve written. I’ve been there; we all have.

    The beautiful thing about our bodies and souls is that at some point we become immune and resilient to certain kinds of poison. But not to all. Good thing tomorrow is a new day.


  • J'na

    I LOVE this article! I think you should check out The Indie Chicks, You have a very similar outlook that they really enjoy!

  • Kitten

    Thank you J’na! I LOVE Indie Chicks! I’d love to write for them! Thanks so much for reading and saying HI!

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