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Nice Guys, Bad Boys and Good Guys: A Breakdown

Do you hear women talk about Nice Guys, Bad Boys and Good Guys? We settle for a Nice Guy, we let loose with a Bad Boy, but what we truly want is a Good Guy, and here’s why…

Simple explanation of the difference between Nice Guys, Bad Boys and Good Guys

Nice Guys

Nice Guys only feel comfortable with the woman on the left, and while the one on the right turns him on, she intimidates the hell out of him. The women on the right exist for him in fantasy, porn, and strip clubs. While they excite him sexually, they threaten him intellectually. While he may not admit it, he sees the women on the right only for their sexuality. The women on the left are his mother, his sister, his friends and his wife and it is inconceivable and possibly a bit offensive to him to think any of the women in his life would actually enjoy being treated like a horny little slut in bed. He makes love and has sex. Fucking is crude.

Bad Boys

Bad boys feel comfortable with the woman on the right. He knows how to bring out a woman’s carnal desires. He can tap into the side of her that is often neglected. His own sexuality and virility is likely one of his most valued traits about himself. He may not admit it, but a part of his self worth is tied to his sexual prowess and conquest. Like the Nice Guy, the women on the left are his mother, his sister, his friends. He can not imagine the women he goes to for advice or who raise children to be the same as the woman on the right. He tells himself he is just having fun with party girls and moves from relationship to relationship or fling to fling. He probably thinks all his lovers are psycho bitches but they are fun and great in bed so he puts up with the drama.

Good Guys

Good guys understand that a high self esteem, emotionally healthy woman will be a combination of both the left and the right (and much more!) Her complexity and confidence thrills and excites him. And he knows that she WANTS to express both sides WITH HIM as described below. To the world, she is the successful mother, worker, wife, friend, etc. To him, she is his dirty little girl who wants to scream and sweat, seduce, toy and tease. It challenges him and brings out his masculinity as well. The more in touch he is with his core masculinity, the more he celebrates her expressing herself and vice versa.


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