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I Hope You Fail

I hope you fail. It is good for you to fail. If you never fail then you are not pushing yourself, you are not trying hard enough, you are coasting… and what’s the fun in that?

Do not fear failure, fear stasis. Fear boredom. Fear satisfaction.

Each failure will build you up as you fail at greater and more substantial things. It will give you confidence in yourself, your abilities, your resiliency and you will seek to fail more often and more wildly than those around you who try only to succeed and so choose only goals they know they can accomplish.

The one who does not expect failure, but also does not fear it is powerful and can achieve great things! I challenge you to face failure until it does not scare you, then know that you are a success!

The one who does not expect failure, but does fear it, is dangerous. This is the danger of over-confidence matched with poor preparation. This is the cause of many wars. When failure begins, it is met with panic and becomes worse.

The one who expects failure but doesn’t fear it, is lazy. You deserve what you get, and don’t get.

The one who expects failure and fears it becomes crippled and ineffective. What a frightening way to live.

Take a chance! Fail at something! Get in the habit of embracing failure for the lessons you learn, for what it teaches you about yourself, for the opportunities that come in the aftermath. And then fail again! Go get some failure like a boss!

It’s a Kitten Holiday.

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