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I Will Take What You Have

I will take what you have. Place it on my dry lips and I will let it roll on my tongue and knock against my teeth until it dissolves into bitter chalky resentment or becomes candy – like and I will swallow it whole. I don’t know what you have for me. Is it your tender touch and smile? Is it your cold, quick replies?

Will it thrill me and make me dance with sparkles at my fingertips and feet? Or will it call upon my demons, waking jealousy, rage and fear to burn me from the inside and leave me lifeless, abandoned and naked in the streets to be gawked at and stepped over by those who never had the courage to risk it all for love?

I’ll take whatever you have for your love. For your glance and the way you brush your hand against my knee under the table so no one can see. The way you squeeze me till I’m choking and delirious.

If I take it, I will be yours. If I take it, I will give you everything. I kneel with eyes closed, smelling your hand as you brush your fingers along my cheek. I salivate in my eagerness. My tongue rushes out to lick your finger and pull it into my mouth. I feel your dry, coarse skin on my tongue and I suck you to the knuckle and beg you. Give it to me now. I don’t care what happens, but the waiting makes me crazy.

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