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Relationship Arson

Are you committing Relationship Arson? Are you unhappy in your relationship and so instead of addressing the changes that need to be made in yourself or working to reignite the spark with your partner or going through the hard process of leaving and potentially being alone are you having an emotional or sexual affair with someone else?

I’ve noticed sometimes people can’t muster the strength of will to make necessary changes in their life but they have an urgent need for change. So instead of moving out piece by piece and leaving the house (or their partner) in tact for the next occupant, they burn the whole house down. Only when the flames of drama are burning the back of their neck and threatening everything do they finally abandon and move on, letting the heroic firemen come in to tame the flames.

This is what I’m seeing. This is what I see play out in people who are putting bandaids of affection on their lives while deceiving those around them. This is what happens when you do not live with integrity. You leave disaster and ruin in your wake. Bad things just seem to keep happening to you, but I am watching as you douse the flames with gasoline then point “It’s out of control, It’s out of My Control!”


If you are unhappy. If you are not living the life you want, search yourself for your true wants and desires, make them happen. It’s up to you and only you to make your life what you want it to be. And taking charge of your life and finding happiness and self expression, and demanding respect, acceptance and support in a relationship are not things that come easy.

Build your self esteem. Be accountable to those in your life who are affected by you, then pack up and move into a new life box by box, leaving those in your wake unharmed, unBURNED by your selfish immaturity.

Don’t commit arson. Don’t seek out a life boat. And for fucks sake don’t set the house on fire then come running back with a hose like you’re a hero. You’re a coward. And it shows.

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