Every artist, at some point in their life, has to make a decision about whether they will try to please the masses, please a small audience, or please their own creative spirit. A few years ago, I decided to trust my creative spirit and my talent and to write what moved me believing that if I wrote well and honestly, I would find readers hungry for my work.

My strategy worked.

I have connected with many readers through both my fiction and non-fiction who read everything I write and ask for more. I’ve worked hard to promote my writing and connect with readers but I’ve reached a scale that has become difficult to maintain without sacrificing quality or sanity.

Traditional or mainstream publishing want writing that sells fast which means either politically correct regurgitation or shock jock clickbait. I don’t want to fit a mold, I don’t want to antagonize, deceive or provoke.

I just want to write.

After five years of sharing my writing for free, publicly on my blog, Medium, and on social media, I have decided to tighten the reins. I will be offering exclusive content to Patrons on Patreon as I push myself to the next level. I’m working on longer pieces, more challenging pieces, stories that exhilirate and exhaust me to get them on the page. I don’t have the energy or time to try to self promote on social media.

I need readers to promote me for me. I need readers to invest in me.

I need you.

I continue to believe that my talents, drive, and dedication to producing stories and essays that connect us through the raw spots in our hearts will attract dedicated readers willing to invest in writing that resonates deeply and moves us emotionally and intellectually.

Readers like you.

Love, Kitten

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