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It’s Not You, It’s Him

It’s Not You, It’s Him

There are a lot of things to consider when you are dating and seeking a partner.  Most articles eagerly point out the obvious like “do you like him,” “are your lifestyles and values compatible?” One question women often overlook that lands them in miserable, unsatisfying […]

Trauma and Emotional Toxins

Traumatic or intense events are toxic. They get into every part of our physical body, our emotional sphere and our head space. And like any other toxin or poison, it takes time to expel them. Some of it comes out as tears, some as sweat, […]

We Can Bounce

When people get out of a tragic or toxic situation, they tend to go a little buck wild. I see it often; they are coming out of chaos, out of repression, out of despair-they have broken free from pain, suffering, confusion and limits. Once they […]