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Just Get Started

When I was a kid one of my mother’s friends lost her husband to a heart attack. She had young kids, younger than my brother and myself, no job, and was suddenly alone.  When tragedy or illness strikes and you are a parent, you do […]

The End of Badass

Dear Diary, I said something was Badass and my daughter rolled her eyes. “What?” I said. “That’s so old news.” she said.  She’s ten. She’s not even ALLOWED to say half of that word. How the hell is “badass” old news? And who is she […]

Sloppy wet tongue kisses and other awesome things

Dear Diary, My daughter was asking me about boys and dating. We got on the subject of kisses and she asked me if I’d kissed anyone in the last year. I told her yes. She asked if it was a smooch or a peck and […]

Seven Things A Five Year Old Boy Taught Me About Men

Seven Things A Five Year Old Boy Taught Me About Men

Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about men have come from raising my five year old son. These are the top seven. 1. He’s not going to change. There may be some slight differences, but barring any major trauma, at their core, they […]