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Fail Big or Shut Up

I was born lucky. Maybe I was born privileged. Maybe I’m blessed.  I like to think I am charmed. Whatever words I use to describe this situation, the truth is that I believe that I have benefited from an abundance of good things that I did […]

Writer's Block, First Dates and the Pressure to be Great!

Most of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We strive to be the best, to see the fruits of our labor doing good in the world. We want to make an impact and an impression. And while we will say casually to others […]

I Hope You Fail

I hope you fail. It is good for you to fail. If you never fail then you are not pushing yourself, you are not trying hard enough, you are coasting… and what’s the fun in that? Do not fear failure, fear stasis. Fear boredom. Fear […]