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When You Make Bad Choices YOU Are To Blame

Empowerment is a beautiful word. It sounds strong and admirable. It sounds sturdy and noble. It means you have power and the will and ability to execute things.  It means you can impact your world and have control. But lately this word has been thrown […]

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Being A Badass

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Being A Badass

I read an article on Elite Daily last week about how women feel guilty 97% of the time. I found this startling since I also personally find that women blame others 97% of the time.  In this modern world, women are angry. They are angry […]

It's Spring and I'm an Electrical Storm

I am going to show my broken places while sharing how we can carve a new path of self-reliance without shutting opportunities for love and connection. We need to learn to identify who truly deserves our attachment, trust, commitment and loyalty and then give ourselves freely. Not the other way around. We’ve been giving ourselves freely to those who don’t deserve us and then wondering why we are not appreciated, not valued, not loved and protected.