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She did it

She did it. She left. After all those weeks and months crying secretly in the middle of the night or pouring out her doubts to friends, or cycling through her options in her mind as if in a panic, when she did it she had […]

Love, or Something Like That

Love, or Something Like That

You know those girls who get dumped then go out with their friends and post YOLO and memes about no fucks given? I’m not that girl. I’m not chill. I don’t just roll with it.

It's Just Change

Dear Diary, I’m doing what I want. I feel no urgency or necessity to reply to that text or that phone call.  I’ll get to it when I get to it. Or I won’t.  I have no need or desire to be available to your […]

Relationship Arson

Are you committing Relationship Arson? Are you unhappy in your relationship and so instead of addressing the changes that need to be made in yourself or working to reignite the spark with your partner or going through the hard process of leaving and potentially being […]