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Living The Dream

We were talking about the trap. We were talking about the world, society, life, passion, dreams. Easy conversations for us. Topical subject because of the stress I’ve been feeling. We were slowing things down, in conversation by talking about big, intangible things and ides. We […]

We Can Bounce

When people get out of a tragic or toxic situation, they tend to go a little buck wild. I see it often; they are coming out of chaos, out of repression, out of despair-they have broken free from pain, suffering, confusion and limits. Once they […]

Joy Loves Company

Joy Loves Company

We all know misery loves company. When we are in misery we want to feel less isolated and alone. We want to know that someone is there who understands or cares about our suffering. We can’t help it. We are human. Joy loves company too. […]