Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is fiction that is considered whole and complete and tells a whole story in a small amount of words.  Flash fiction can have different restrictions but mine is usually either less than 1,000 or less than 500 words.

Charcoal Skies

The sky is charcoal grey with stars in every direction. In the distance, lightning flashes like an orange ball illuminating a low hanging clump of storm clouds. Cool air, smelling of salt and fish is tumbling around me pushing against my jacket, playing with my hair and lifting my skirt with unexpected gusts. (continue reading...)

This is Friday Night

We will reassure our friends that our lives, jobs and children are just as exceptional as they were last Friday, if not more. We will ask about the specials. (continue reading ...)

Lady Moth

Spare me, butterfly. Your beauty is wing deep. Your wings are transparent. I’d rather be with moths like me. Once a moth, always a moth. Invisible if we want to be. Angels when we want to be, soaring on powder soft wings. (Continue reading...)

Sunrise and Sunset

I am the fickle sky and you are my earth. (Continue reading ...)

We Are Trying to Be Good

Tonight he came to my house after work. He took his dirty work boots off and placed them neatly next to the back door. He sat at my kitchen table in his socks and drank a glass of water. I offered to make him dinner but he said no. I should have made him dinner. He was some kind of hungry and the only thing I could give offer him was food. (Continue reading...)

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