Why The Political Right Needs To Get Creative & Support More Artists — NOW

Why The Political Right Needs To Get Creative & Support More Artists — NOW

We have religion; we have government and now we need art.

“Politics is downstream from culture,” said Andrew Breitbart famously.

Which means, if you want to influence people, you do it through culture. If you want people to think what you think, act how you want them to act, you first make them feel what you want them to feel, and the easiest way to do this is through literature and specifically, through stories. This is why Hollywood seems to be pushing certain narratives and has such a strong hold on popular culture.

We flipped it this election through sheer force of will, or maybe meme wars, we edged out the current culture and elected Donald Trump. But unless we start to influence culture, we will always be fighting an uphill battle.

Part of why we are so misunderstood is because we haven’t been telling our stories. Or maybe no one’s been listening. Either way, we have the mic now and we need to turn up the volume and share our stories, share our hearts to inspire, motivate and connect with each other through culture and the arts.

It’s starting, but not fast enough. We have a few creative trailblazers who are anti-establishment, anti- political correctness and anti-regressive left ideology. But we need more and if we can’t be the artists, we need to support the artists!

We have our “Dangerous Faggot,” Milo Yiannopolous to thrill and offend with his speeches and books.

We have fiery and flamboyant Kidd Rock with #MAGA apparel, music and even a Michigan Senate Race.


We have political personalities and sassy comedians, Diamond and Silk. We have glamorous Joy Villa making music and wearing an amazing MAGA inspired dress to the Grammys. And we have legions of YouTubers and armies of meme warriors.

We are boiling over with critical voices: Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, Paul Joseph Watson, Roger Stone, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, Tomi Lahren. We need more creative voices.


One of the reasons we need to support and promote more writers and artists who challenge the progressive culture is because it is the most effective way to challenge progressive politics.

The left has made it their mission to push their own ideology using storylines and art. They have used music, video, movies, and books to saturate the world with their version of how it “should be.” They have done it so effectively that these themes are now the status quo.

So What?! I’m impressed, honestly. Look at all they did: they changed the culture itself, turned people against each other and even against themselves making everything backwards with terrible writing that makes no fucking sense most of the time. Modern arts and literature are nothing more than an anti-intellectual word salad.

Conservatives are the New Punk Rock.

We can do WAY better. So, why aren’t we?

The problem isn’t just that we, on the right, haven’t offered anything interesting or engaging enough to compete with them but moreso that we aren’t supporting and promoting our right leaning artists.

We need good writing that inspires readers to think instead of absorb. We need diverse and “charismatic” stories to connect with audiences and give them a different experience from what the progressive left publishing houses offer. We need anti-establishment narratives that show the world, human nature and ideas the way we see it, from our eyes, from our perspectives to challenge the stories presented today as the “only way things should be.”
We need a vibrant culture that has influence and that strengthens the minds as well as the hearts and souls of the readers by trusting them to think and decide and imagine for themselves, even if it isn’t a “pristine, happy ending story.”

And we need, as a community, to talk about the value of art to our movement. As I wrote in A Case for the Arts, we prop up science and math and engineering to such an extent we dismiss and degrade the critical and creative skills developed through art.

We are doing ourselves a disservice. No one is arguing that politics are downstream from math.

Politics is downstream from Culture.
Culture is downstream from Art.

We nailed the Donald Trump presidential landing with memes, now let’s make it stick with stories.

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3 thoughts on “Why The Political Right Needs To Get Creative & Support More Artists — NOW”

  • “Conservatives are the New Punk Rock.” Actually we, the Deplorables have ALWAYS been PUNK! We are the anti-establishment, don’t give a fuck about YOUR feelings, going to tell it like it is crowd who loved The Ramones, Sid, The Clash, etc. We are the ones who want to change things, shake it up, and who have felt nothing but darkness for years. We might not wear leather (anymore) or have Mohawks, but back the day baby! — I know I posted this under your article but I can’t help myself! ROCK ON Kathryn!

  • It seemed like every time an artist/entertainer or Hollywood (most of it) tried to influence anyone other than the culturally Marxist, the targets (conservatives) only dug in our heels and caused the worst attendances at the box office in history. The call to culture might best be directed to those with a relative message, ie George Clooney/Cher = Don’t waste my time or James Woods/Uncle Ted = <3 <3 <3

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