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Subscribe to Newsletter for Access to Exclusive Content

I have some exciting news to share. I have been asked to write a monthly column for an exclusive members-only website.  I will be writing on some of my (and your) favorite topics: cultural conditioning, social dynamics, female sexuality, female nature, attraction and mindset.

The editor has agreed to let me keep full rights of ownership to my content after 30 days.  The first thirty days, his members will get first access and then I can re-publish the content on my own blog, in my newsletter or in an eBook or however I would like to use it. I keep 100% of the rights to my work. This is high quality content that will be read by an editor and assistant editor who are both experts in these fields.  Because these posts will be a bit shinier than my typical fly by the wind style posts, I will not be posting them on my blog.

Instead, I plan to collect these essays in eBooks to publish once or twice a year. But I don't want you to have to wait that long to read them!  (Or for me to share them!) So, I decided I will email these essays to my newsletter subscribers since you are my loyal, fabulous readers and you deserve special treatment for supporting me so long!

You're probably the kind of people who will buy the books too, just because.  I don't know what I would do without you! Subscribing to the newsletter is the ONLY way to gain FREE access to these articles*.

Those who do not subscribe can read the collected essays on Amazon for approximately $10. My newsletter will also include occasional updates on my work, but I can assure you, I don't send newsletters often! I only send an email if I have good reason. So you won't be inundated with emails from me.

When you subscribe, make sure you add my email address kitten at to your contact list or else my emails will go straight into your spam folder. Also, I will be taking suggestions, questions and requests for topics from you.  I may run these ideas past my editor for potential articles or may use the topics for my blog or on Medium.

I will always keep your personal information private. Thank you for your support on my journey, please let me know if you have questions or have any trouble signing up for the newsletter.

XOXO, Kitten

*Unless I change my mind. I'm winging it here!

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