Trump and The Red Pill

Trump and The Red Pill

I couldn’t help but notice the way those who write and talk about being red pill seemed to align  politically with Trump during the election. From the very beginning, when Trump announced his candidacy in August of 2015, many of the writers I enjoyed were buzzing with Trump talk, Trump questions and Trump theory.

  • Was it his masculine, dominant persona? Red pill theories tend to celebrate classical masculine/feminine behaviors as a positive self-expression.
  • Was it his salesmanship? Many of the sexual strategies in game are very similar to sales tactics used in business. Presentation, playing the odds, identifying the object’s wants, negotiation, etc. Trump even   appeared to “neg” people he was interacting with as a strategy to get an advantage or to clarify the power structure.
  • Was it his focus on actions over words? Trump ignores or at the very least, dismisses words and presentation when it does not match the reality. He pays less attention to what people say in favor of responding to what they do.

This is a core concept for those who have a red pill mindset: Observe actions. Watch behavior. Evaluate the relationship between what someone says and what they do, between what you see and what you hear.  Don’t be deceived by the pretty lies. Don’t avoid the hard truths in favor of the comfortable lies.  Most people don’t even realize they are lying, they are so caught up in the narrative, carried along by their desire to please and fit in, by their trust of what they have been told.

If there were one common trait among red pilled people it would be our hesitation to trust blindly. We certainly do not trust words like we do actions and we will even test actions until we are satisfied we have gotten to the truth.

It’s ironic so many of us are writers. However, in attempting to regain control over your world and your life, you recognize the importance words, of telling your story of controlling your own narrative. This fact plus the way writing forces you to organize your thoughts to better communicate them, for many, helps them isolate the truth from the fluff.  Sharing it with others is a way for us to test our theories and ideas to see if they hold water.

Naturally, with the increased pressure on being politically correct, identity and gender politics, and the pressure to move information with a specific narrative presented by the media that doesn’t always fit the events unfolding in action. This is why feet on the ground new media journalists like Mike Cernovich are so celebrated. Their coverage of events in real time with video can be presented side by side with mass media coverage and clearly will show the media bias as they omit details, edit away conflicting information or outright massage the information to fit the social justice narrative.  Seeing is believing. And witnessing these events in real time is enough for many to “wake up.”  Actions don’t lie. At least, they don’t like with the regularity, predictability and success that words do.

With all this in mind, it makes sense that we would celebrate the straight talking, actions-over-words style of President Trump. It makes sense that his brash, unpleasant style doesn’t bother or offend us, we have already trained ourselves to have a certain level of comfort with discomfort. In fact, it could be argued that we are less trusting, less at ease when we are comfortable than when we are challenged. We are suspicious of what is easy and comfortable and more trusting of adversity and discomfort.

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1 thought on “Trump and The Red Pill”

  • People who are more offended by Trump’s bluntness and “impropriety” instead of all these other politicians lying to their faces for years are like an alien species to me. A really stupid alien species.

    We’ve been conditioned here in these United States to really love a good liar. The more they can get away with, the better. It’s perverse and I’m frankly ready for our system to have a huge enema. And Trump might just be the proctologist we need.

    Let *that* metaphor sit with you for a while.

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