Size Matters

Size Matters

Dick Size Matters (as much as you let it).

Okay I went for the click bait. But here you are now, reading.  Might as well finish, right?

Women love to feel “full” so a larger penis will “fill” us better, more of the time. However, a larger penis (I’d say 6.5 and up) can hurt at times by hitting the cervix. But a 5 inch dick can also hit the cervix and hurt and it can also fill a woman. Our vaginas change shape and responsiveness during our cycles. For instance when we are nearing ovulation, our cervix softens and becomes mushy like the consistency of our cheeks. After ovulation, the cervix shuts down the door to the uterus (cervix) and it becomes harder, like the consistency of the tip of your nose. It is in this time that sex can hurt, no matter her size or the man’s penis size. Complicating factors further, a woman’s uterus also will “float” so the cervix will move positions in her body. The combination of her floating uterus and the firmness of her cervix changing is why sometimes she can take a ruthless pounding (soft cervix/ovulation) and sometimes she struggles to find a position that doesn’t shoot jabs of pain throughout her body.

I described this a bit in this post although I think I need to edit it with more of the detail I just provided here because there’s still been some confusion.

To continue with dick size, with all this shape shifting that a woman’s body and vagina does, in addition to the fact that our vaginas aren’t gaping holes but are closed and can open to accommodate what’s in there as well as the fact that when aroused, the walls of our vagina swell making it even tighter the hornier we get, a vagina is going to respond and feel full with nearly any penis size. A larger penis will make her feel “full” with less effort, but it’s not going to get her off any better than any other penis.

Sexual skills, an ability to give her a blend of both comfort and excitement, the ability to engage her mind erotically as well as any emotional connection is going to be the difference between her wanting more and losing steam. Women can be completely oblivious to their own bodies, their own turn-ons and even what drives their sexuality. So, some may say the guy had a small dick as a way to explain away the lack of sexual chemistry when really there wasn’t the connection, he didn’t flip her switches.

It’s like turning down an offer on something because of “price.” No one questions it; it’s an easy out that demands no further thought, but most deals aren’t lost on price. Just like most sexual encounters aren’t lost on dick size.  It’s a throwaway excuse.

If the man believe’s his dick size matters, he will convey that to the woman in the way he conducts himself. Either with cockiness or as an insecurity. But it’s all posturing and goes out the window when skin hits the sheets. There’s nothing worse than a man who promises sexual prowess and can’t deliver. It’s just setting up for disappointment.
I would highly recommend you throw away any concern over dick size completely because it isn’t going to help anything. You’ve got what you’ve got. And if dick size was all that mattered, or even mattered the most there’d be no need to learn to flirt, neg, game, tease, torture and entice women, you’d just put your dick pick as your profile picture on dating sites, auto send it in reply to text messages and only 10% of the population would ever get laid. 😉

Once you get sexual there’s a lot more in play than a penis. Focusing too much on dick size gets in the way of paying attention to the nuances that build that sexual energy, get her swollen with lust, make her mind race with passion and get her off until she’s shaking and sweating and screaming.

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7 thoughts on “Size Matters”

  • A lot of guys ask me if they should send a dick pic when asked, im like why wouldn’t you, most say bc they dont think its big enough, my response is she’s bound to see it sooner or later so get some confidence and send it, if you aint got size then you better have the motions in the ocean ??❤

    • Dont send. Its always better in person. If you send she may not see it sooner or later. Keep some mystery

  • “Focusing too much on dick size gets in the way of paying attention to the nuances that build that sexual energy, get her swollen with lust, make her mind race with passion and get her off until she’s shaking and sweating and screaming.”

    Building a woman’s sexual energy by kissing the spots on her body that make her ‘tingle’, saying the right words, and touching her in a suggestive way that builds up her anticipation will get most women off regardless of a man’s size. I’ve found that the frequency and intensity of my wife’s orgasms are far more tied to her emotional state than anything I do physically. After gaining this knowledge, it’s allowed me to hone my focus on her emotional excitement to prime her for the physical pleasure that follows.

  • Horsecock: “Size does matter!”
    Needledick: I have the innate ability to elicit multitudes of orgasms from a female with my magical dingaling… never had a problem bringing ma lady to fruition.

    Point is, men can be pretty transparent.

    Personally, I wanna learn how to eat pussy like a champ! Like paint peeling, hair ripping skills that makes her scream, “hang the mutherfuckin’ Pope!”

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