How Brad Lost Angie #Brangelina

Angelina Jolie shit tested Brad Pitt into oblivion.

He lost all his masculine power, supplicating himself to her in every way. Because he had no frame, she could not rely on him and her already unstable personality became more and more unhinged. Lacking leader in her man, she became the masculine force, which is a lot of pressure and stress. With him offering nothing of comfort and security emotionally, and being under her thumb where, undoubtedly he never did anything right. She finally decided it was better to get rid of him and do it all alone than continue to attempt to train him to do her bidding exactly as she hoped.

The romantic notion of a lovelorn puppy dog man is the thing of youthful fantasies. When the real world hits, with children and responsibilities and struggle, a man with a strong frame to center and stabilize the coupled unit, set and protect boundaries, is the key to keeping the relationship together. Once gone, the man is useless at best or a nuisance and hindrance at worst, at which point, he will be disposed.

Here is his love letter where he spells out his spineless emasculated weaknesses in detail.


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