Honest Assholes

Honest people always look like assholes because life isn’t fair, no one is that special, we all screw up and if you’re honest you have to admit it and face up to your flaws, screw ups, mistakes and all the numerous ways you let yourself down and disappoint others.

Being accountable for your shit gives you grit, it makes you rough and edgy. Things start to affect you less because once you can take an honest look at yourself and the world, a brutally honest look, where you hold yourself accountable for all your choices big and small, what’s worse than that? That sucks. We are all screwed up.

Lies are like grease, slick and slippery, and liars are slime. They slip through the cracks, out of sight and get away with everything they shouldn’t because they are slick and nothing sticks.

Honest people become rough. As they handle more truth they get more coarse and more shit of they world sticks to them because they can handle it. They are responsible. They have your back. They carry a load and the weight of the world’s troubles as they watch the slick liars slither away.

Also honest people are able to spot other honest people much easier than dishonest people. Liars lie to themselves more than anyone. Eventually everything is a shade of grey with an exception to be made, an excuse and an out. They can’t even tell where the truth ends and the lie starts. Eventually everything is a lie then it’s all about good lies and bad lies, little lies or big lies. Accidental lies or intentional lies.

If learned that when it comes down to it there are really only three kinds of people : assholes and liars.

But damn it if I don’t love knowing where I stand, who I can count on, who has my back and that I’m not living a lie. Give me the bitter truth over a sweet lie any day.

Give me an asshole over a liar any day.

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