Be Careful Who You Let Yourself Love

Be Careful Who You Let Yourself Love

Be careful who you let yourself love. The modern dating scene is filled with takers who will play with your heart, waste your time and string you along, get all their needs met while giving nothing but the hope of something more, maybe, someday, just be patient…

Hookup culture, modern feminist ideas of the sexually liberated woman do nothing to empower women and everything to rob her of her advantage in negotiating a romantic connection.

Women hold the key to sex. Men hold the key to commitment. But women have been brainwashed into believing they can throw away their key and live a fabulous, “independent” adventure.

Instead, expect to be used, taken for granted, have your time, energy and emotional resources wasted. You can even expect to lose money in the process since you are so “strong and independent” you are expected to go Dutch.

But don’t blame men for this. It’s human nature to get your needs fulfilled with minimal stress and effort. If someone gave you $10,000 would you say, “no,no, I will have to work for that, $25 an hour.”

Instead blame the kid gloves used when talking to women. It’s all “empowerment” fluff. Be you! Do you! You deserve a prince! You’re perfect just the way you are!

Bullshit. Its all lies. You get what you deserve. Every time. And if you choose to ignore the truth because it makes you feel bad or it makes life harder or doesn’t line up with how you “want” to see the world then you will keep getting the same thing.

People are selfish and lazy. All of us. Being someone of character who invests in others is hard work. If you never give yourself you never know how hard it is to give and how devastating it is to find it was all for nothing. Just a distraction. A good time!

Telling the truth is hard. It’s isolating. You will have many sunny day friends if you tell people what they want to hear. If you never tell the truth you don’t know how hard it is to disappoint someone, to be accountable, to make amends.

It seems easy and fun to live for today with no strings and no commitments. You are so liberated and free! Hashtag feminism! Hashtag empowerment! Hashtag glam filter instagram bullshit.
But when the shit hits the fan. You get hurt, your ass widens, your children rebel, your job shutters, who will be for you then?

It doesn’t matter how much fun you had at concerts, how great you are in bed, how cute you look in blue jeans, how much you gave or how hard you loved, when the shit hits the fan you can watch your friends and lovers scatter to greener pastures wishing you the best of luck and sending prayers and good vibes as they high tail it to the next fun concert with the next cute girl who wants to believe she means more than a good time.

It’s a cycle of lies. The men eat and fuck and sleep like kings. The women will die alone cuddled up to instagram accounts filled with empowerment slogans

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5 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Let Yourself Love”

  • I realize that, Matt. Thanks for commenting. There are a lot of women living off child support and screwing wildly with no responsibilities. And there are a lot of women using men for a free ride. I don’t deny that at all. This post was just directed to women who get emotionally invested but do not get that same investment in return. A lot of times the men won’t invest because they are just as you say, they’ve been screwed and won’t go down the same path again. There’s a lot of dysfunction. The “safe” thing to do is stay guarded, be emotionally distant, invest the minimum. But is that really a good idea? Are we doing ourselves any favors long term behaving out of fear? I don’t know the answer. I don’t think we’re helping ourselves by diving in head first either. I think there’s a balance and in that balance you’ve got to keep your eyes open to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Words alone don’t cut it.

  • Right on Kitten. I think the so-called female empowerment movement has allowed women to act the way that irresponsible men so as a key to happiness. Turns out it’s a false bill of goods that leads to a lot of misery.

    Women already have the power when it comes to sex and love, if you ask me. They need to use it wisely.

  • Well, I certainly hope that you meet someone, someday that will knock yours socks off and put you on a pedestal. I realize that most will say it’s a 50/50 proposition but I would say that it’s a 100/100 deal. If both aren’t giving 100% and putting the other on a pedestal and treating them like they’re the most important person in the world.

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