Tinder App Adds "Super Like"

Tinder App Adds "Super Like"

Tinder adds a special feature called the “super like”.  According to The Verge, “If you “Super Like” someone (it’s an upward swipe) that person will see that you like them before they make the decision to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (and begin the rest of your lives together).”

It is meant to show greater interest/investment because that person put more thought into the swipe than a swipe right/swipe left.  You get one Super Like a Day, so you have to be careful with it. However, paying Tinder subscribers can get up to five Super Like’s a day.

The Tinder blog states that “users are three times more likely to match with someone they Super Like and conversations initiated by a Super Like last 70% longer.”

The news articles seem to be celebrating it as a way for women who are more interested in a relationship than in a hook up to identify someone who may be more serious than just swiping right all day as a numbers game to see who responds.

That may be the intention, but I see this as a bad thing for women who get caught up believing what they want to believe and not facing the real situation.  The truth is, this will just make women create their fantasy faster and invest more thinking that she is “more special” because of a super like.  But the man has still done nothing substantial to show investment.

One of the biggest reasons women get hurt is because they interpret a mans “attention” as investment, but it’s not.  He can  (and will) turn that attention off as quickly as it’s turned on. Meanwhile she has likely invested in him sexually and emotionally and when he fades out, disappears, puts her in the bang zone or when she finally starts to notice that he wasn’t invested afterall, she will feel hurt.

But what a coup for men! They get to make a woman feel “extra special” and improve the chances that she will attach to him and he will get sex from her and he’s barely done anything more! And he can make one woman a DAY feel extra special.  His numbers game just got a steroid boost.

The most important thing in online dating is to delay attachment until you’ve vetted the person enough to see if his/her actions and words line up. And for women, you should never invest more than you’re willing to lose or more than he’s investing.  This “super like” gives the illusion of investment, but it’s still an illusion.

Here’s the trailer which is super creepy in my opinion. What do you think of the Super Like?


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3 thoughts on “Tinder App Adds "Super Like"”

  • I don’t follow the dating world much since I’m married, but your angle seems to be one of women only seeking committed relationships – you are assuming women are not interesting in the hookups you are accusing men of being only interested in, right? That’s the bias I’m inferring from your words. If I’m wrong, it’s cool. I guess I just like assumptions stated up-front, which for this article would be: If your a single girl looking for a committed relationship, here is something to consider regarding this new feature.

    Otherwise, your conclusion regarding this new feature would be quite different if your assumption was based on women looking for a good time with no strings attached. No?

    • No, I think a lot of women are looking for hook ups. But the marketing I’ve seen so far on this particular “feature” on Tinder has been that it will help women identify men who are “more serious” about them. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s misleading. Feature or not, women still need to assess each person on his own merits and make sure he is interested in the same type of relationship she is and more importantly, that he’s not just a liar.

  • I am going to say the three words that every man dreads, “you were right”. I recently contested your opinion on Twitter that the “super like” function would be a good thing for men to use. I told you that I thought it would come off as needy and DLV. In the end, I believed it would only add the ego inflation that is already taking place on tinder for most (attractive) girls.

    However, about a week ago I accidentally gave a girl a super like and was somewhat surprised to see that we matched a couple hours later. She is cute and 8 years my junior. I decided to test the “super like” function out two more times over the course of the week and was surprised to find that I matched with both girls that I used it on. I didn’t use it based on looks alone, I used it on girls that I thought were cute and that we might have similar values and backgrounds (my types). Not the *Instagram model hot* girls.

    What I learned is that showing a girl extra attention and making them feel very special is more important than not being needy, setting yourself apart or DHV.

    Please tell my ex that I can admit when I am wrong 🙂

    Thanks Kitten!

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