On Being Single

Are you single?  Tonight when you are in bed alone wishing you could be sleeping next to someone special, just remember that if you wake in the night, you can turn on some music, check your bright phone, stretch out your legs, get a snack, talk out loud, call a friend and a thousand other things that you won’t be able to do some day when your true love is sleeping next to you.

Some day in the future you will be in bed next to your one true love and you will get a leg cramp and be dying to kick at the ceiling to work it out. You will be restless and want to sit up with the lights on to read. You will want to watch a black and white movie at 3 am and eat a bowl of ice cream but your one true love will be snoring and farting and mumbling in his or her sleep next to you.

So, out of love and appreciation for your future self, and your present self, enjoy this moment.  Enjoy the simple pleasures and freedoms that come from being single. Stretch out, sleep sideways, burp out loud. There is a time for everything and everything comes in time.  Enjoy this moment. It wont’ last forever and it’s really not so bad.

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2 thoughts on “On Being Single”

  • Here I sit, TV up loud, watching 70s adventure shows as late as I want. Still, I think I might not be if I had someone here to give me a reason not to… Oh well, plenty of time for that. I’ll enjoy it for now.

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