What You’ve Heard About Sex is Wrong

What You’ve Heard About Sex is Wrong

What if I told you that men are the more loving and more romantic of the genders, and women are more sexual

What if the “norm” is simply a result of society’s desire to tame and restrain us so that we will not cause problems, so that we will be predictable and easy to control?

Our deep innate desires are boundless and can’t be tamed, but they can be repressed and polluted by shame, guilt and fear.  What if we could tap into our carnal desire and own our deepest needs and passions?  What we would find is that men love deeper, more passionately, and more monogamously than women.  And we might find is that women are more sexual, with higher sex drive, dirtier fantasies, a more fluid sexuality (bisexual) and crave sex more than men.

What happens when we get drunk? We lose our inhibitions. What happens when women get drunk? They get more sexual and more sexually aggressive. They lose their sexual inhibitions and act in sexual ways, posing for each other and the camera, dancing suggestively, grabbing men and other women alike.

Alcohol does not make women horny, alcohol liberates the innate sexuality that already exists within a woman.  It is repressed and waiting to be expressed.  Instead of alcohol which is the junk avenue to fast track intimacy and comfort, you can build trust and security to remove the inhibitions, you can unleash the abundant, delicious, sex-hungry minx inside your woman.  Her desire is not to share it indiscriminately, but to share it abundantly, with her partner.

As for men, when a woman gives herself to her man without restraint, without hesitation, she unleashes the protective, loving, deeply loyal man within him. When a man loves, he loves in such a grand fashion it can’t be separated from anything else about him. He will love her so much, he will be willing to sacrifice his life for her.

Men are more deeply loving than women and women are more deeply sexual than men.

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6 thoughts on “What You’ve Heard About Sex is Wrong”

  • If only my wife drank – she is fairly inhibited. Not sure what I can do to help her let that inner freak out. I believe it’s buried inside her, but releasing it and getting her to that point seems out of reach, if not impossible…

  • “Her desire is not to share it indiscriminately, but to share it abundantly, with her partner.”

    It is this unleashing of a woman’s sexuality that is simultaneously the source of the greatest erotic excitement and the greatest fear of men. Women “sharing it indiscriminately” is the source of this fear. The fear that once that Pandora’s box is opened, there is no controlling it.

    The significance of a woman’s partner count is one of the great divides of the manosphere. Some maintain that a large partner count decreases a woman’s ability to pair bond. Others, like Jonny Soporno, http://www.seductivereasoning.com/ take a radically different approach. They have a similar take on a woman’s sexuality as you(that women are more sexual), but with what I presume is a radically different prescription: allow the woman’s sexuality free reign, including engaging with other partners. (To the extent of codifying it: Rule One: I WILL BE NO WOMAN’S ONLY MALE LOVER!)

    I am fortunate to currently be in a highly satisfying relationship, but I have wrestled with the conundrum of monogamy many times. My GF has gotten very drunk only once in our relationship. She was much more vulgar than usual and, as noted in your post, certainly become much more sexually suggestive. When we had sex that night, it was undoubtedly the most unsatisfying of our relationship. She was drunk to the point of insensibility,(she remembered nothing the next day), and I literally felt like it could have been anyone fucking her. Definitely, a window into the sex-hungry minx that wasn’t pleasant or consoling to see.

    • Everyone in the manosphere seems completely comfortable with the idea that men and women are wired differently until it comes to this subject. Men are wired to want sex with many women. Women are not. Feminism is trying to teach women to act like men but as with everything else, it backfires. Women are anxious, depressed, angry and checking out emotionally if not turning to drugs (antidepressants/anxiety) and alcohol.

      Women desire attention. If a man is not giving her the attention she craves, she may turn elsewhere. The easiest way for a woman to attract a man’s attention is through the promise or possibility of sex.

      So, while I understand why men are so anxious about sharing a woman sexually, it is coming out of his own projected desire to have many conquests and completely incongruent with a woman’s true desire. It’s quite risky for us to be intimately involved with men. We want to trust him and have his full attention.

      I understand that some women may go through a promiscuous phase, and many are led to believe that they will find fulfillment in sharing their bodies indiscriminately, but there are just as many men who are similarly misled into believing something completely inconsistent whit his nature will fulfill him (sharing his woman with others or having no claim to her).

      If a man gives his woman the attention she needs, makes her feel special and also expresses his expectation for loyalty, she will comply happily. The danger is when a man gets complacent and thinks that when the relationship is stable he can stop investing. He wants to relax, refocus on his interests. He’s calm and happy. And as he drifts to his comfort level, she’s feeling abandoned, forgotten and ignored. In this world, it’s easy to get those needs filled elsewhere. But it is the desire for attention that is the danger, not a desire for sex.

  • This reminds me of something I read (then wrote briefly about) a little while ago. In the original article she says,

    “Ladies, you married a Pirate, I guarantee it. Not that fey, foppish Johnny Depp kind, either. Errol Flynn derring-do is what he’s all about; sails and water and freedom. Be sure to remember that when the hustle of obligations and things get up around his soul. Men are the true romantics. And they never, ever out-live it.

    Never doubt it.”

    The wise ones never do. Rarities that they are.

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