She's an Original

It’s 10:01 and she’s an original in that when you meet her you know you’ll never meet anyone like her again in your life. You feel like you’ve got pop rocks exploding in your heart. She makes you giddy and talkative. You’ll want to follow her on her most daring adventures as much as you want to watch her curl her hair behind her ear as she considers her next move. But it isn’t her mystery that draws people to her; it’s quite the opposite. It’s her complete lack of secrets. She wears her rawness, her passion, her excitement, hopes and loss out in the open as if the fears and insecurities that hold the rest of us back were simply a pesky virus she’d built an immunity to years ago.

That’s not to say she’s perfect. Far from it. At times she’s forgetful and clumsy. She will scare you half to death behind the wheel. She can’t make change in her mind and is always losing everything in her enormous purse and making everyone around her panic until it’s found… right where she left it, minutes later. She’s never got cash but she’s always needing some. She tips too much, sleeps too little, drinks too much and laughs at her own jokes. She’s selfish and impulsive and she’s greedy. But the thing she wants the most of is life and you and laughter and sex and by the time you’re caught up in her vortex, you’re happy to share your cash, your car, you afternoon, your life getting caught up in her energy. You’d trade your very last possession just to buy her one more drink and have one more dance before the night is over.

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