Genital Grooming & Dating


Do you get nervous on dates? Do you sometimes feel intimidated? Do you feel like the guy you are with is so confident and handsome and you are tripping on your heels and squirming with a twisted thong?

I have an easy fix to your nerves!

Remember the advice given by some well intentioned person to just imagine the person who makes you nervous naked and you will be less intimidated?

Don’t do that! Imagining your date naked is just going to make your blood leave your brain for your nether regions and add to your stuttering.

Instead, try this.

Remind yourself that the handsome charmer with the sexy smile and twinkling eyes very recently had one leg up on his bathroom counter, arm reached around his thigh, hunched over shaving his nuts in careful terror to make sure his genitalia was properly groomed for you.

Genital grooming. It connects us.


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