To Walk Alone in the Direction of My Dreams

To Walk Alone in the Direction of My Dreams

Dear Diary,
It’s not so bad to be single.  I’m finding that to walk alone in the direction of my dreams, without anyone to hold me back with all their questions of “why?” “are you sure?” and “what if?” Or “you shouldn’t” is a luxury I feared. Imagine that! I wanted someone to encourage me, remind me of my vision, catch me if I fall. But that supporter asks and hesitates and worries. So much attention on the safety net and I lose sight of the sky, and the stars. I won’t go into orbit if I’m looking at my feet.

To answer to myself and my passion alone. To trust that the pounding in my chest is all I need to keep me going; this is an asset I didn’t know how to value, before now.

To give myself the chance to fail brightly, wildly, with abandon in front of everyone knowing that because I started, because I am already on the path, trying and taking a chance, failure is no longer possible.

Things are happening that are out of my control.  Everywhere there are possibilities. All I have to do is start. I am going to show up. I am showing up no matter what.


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